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Patience is a virtue not just for anglers: Aqua-Fisch hooks a new target date

The international trade fair for fishing, fly-fishing and aquaristic cannot be held as planned from March 05 to 07, 2021. With the situation in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic sowing uncertainty among the exhibitors, Messe Friedrichshafen has decided to postpone the exhibition to March 04 to 06 of next year. Klaus Wellmann, CEO of Messe Friedrichshafen, explained, "Attending trade fairs is currently not an option for most of our exhibitors. In addition, the current situation with the coronavirus effectively prohibits our holding the event."

Show director Petra Rathgeber added, "Postponement until the summer isn't an option because it would be difficult to find an opening in our calendar during the peak season this year." Last spring when COVID-19 started to spread, Aqua-Fisch was the first trade fair in Friedrichshafen to be canceled.