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Exhibitor Statements 2023

Fishing & Fly Fishing

André Schiwon, Public Relations Officer at the Baden-Württemberg State Fisheries Association:
“The association thrives on engaging with people, so we’ve really missed participating in the show in recent years. We repositioned ourselves this year, with both the federal association represented with key contacts and our partner ‘Fishing-King’ offering online fishing license courses. The response to this was great, and we were quite satisfied with our presence at the fair. In addition to our aquarium containing the ‘Fish of the Year,’ our ‘Fish-on-Tour’ project really reeled in the crowds. This exhibit allowed adults and children to learn a lot about all aspects of the world of fish.”

Kai Waldi, Managing Director of Angelsport Waldi:
“The Aqua-Fisch was a really positive event for us, allowing us to speak with many existing customers as well as bring many new customers on board. One trend right now is ultralight fishing, which involves very fine artificial lures and extremely thin lines for modern trout and bass fishing.”

Benedikt Götzfried, Managing Director of Topwater-Productions:
“It was really nice to finally have the Aqua-Fisch taking place again. We had many great conversations with customers, had the chance to meet up with our business partners, and were quite satisfied with the business we contracted in general. Things almost felt like they did before the coronavirus. We’ll definitely be coming back here again next year!”

Cara Canzler, responsible for fair organization at FLYRUS Fly Fishing Rogowski & Stäblein GbR:
“It was our first Aqua-Fisch, and we realized right away that this was exactly the right platform for our film festival. In the border triangle region of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, we can reach completely new customers and meet with a different target group every day. We want to expand our presence here in the south, and we intend to return.”

Aquariums & terrariums

Thomas von der Heyde, Sales Manager of Dähne Verlag GmbH:
“To detect new trends, it’s important for our publishing house to remain in close contact with aquarium experts and fans. We were all the more pleased to have had such fruitful discussions at the fair and to have received so much positive feedback. The fair guests in Friedrichshafen always seem to be quite diverse, with many quite focused in their interests while others are looking for guidance and advice on how to get started. The visitors were also making many purchases, something we were also happy about. We are happy that the Aqua-Fisch has returned as a platform, and the fair more than met our expectations.”

Thomas Eller, Chief Marketing Officer of Dennerle GmbH:
“We were pleasantly surprised by the high level of interest we experienced at the show. The visitors were very knowledgeable as well as eager to make purchases at our booth. Due to rising energy prices, sales of small aquariums, particularly ‘nano aquariums,’ are now outpacing those of their large counterparts. We clearly see the Betta fish, which feels quite at home in a nano tank, as a fish experiencing a major upward trend in popularity in 2023. For us, the Aqua-Fisch was a very successful event that once again demonstrated that contact with the end consumer was something that was sorely missed at trade shows held during the pandemic.”

Volker Jochum, responsible for the Aquascaping Workshops of Dennerle GmbH:
“We had a great response to our Betta-Scaping Workshops. There were a lot of visitors who were interested in the workshops and who approached us with many different questions on Friday and Saturday.”

Torsten Hermann, Managing Director of Fischfutterprofi:
“We can say that things went as well for us as they did at the last Aqua-Fisch in 2019. Although the market is generally experiencing a decline, we were still able to record good sales at the show. Since certain exhibitors were not represented, we were able to adjust our product range and get a bigger piece of the pie. Our expectations for this year’s fair were met and exceeded.”