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Twenty-Eighth International Trade Fair for Fishing, Fly Fishing and Aquarium-Keeping Attracts 21,230 Visitors With Leading Exhibitors from the Industry and a Rich Program of Lectures and Opportunities to Participate

Twenty-Eighth Aqua-Fish Lands a Big Catch

10.03.2019  | Final Report

Friedrichshafen, Germany – This year’s edition of Aqua-Fisch in Friedrichshafen was a mecca for fishers, aquarium keepers and fly fishers. Over the last three days, 21,230 fans of fish, fly fishing rods and fishing equipment (2018: 21,100) got everything they expected and more. “As an international shopping and experience platform, Aqua-Fisch once again achieved a top result and was a meeting place for an industry audience with purchasing power," sums up Klaus Wellmann, Managing Director of Messe Friedrichshafen. From fishing equipment, clothing and travel to aquarium equipment such as pumps, aquatic plants and lights, 175 exhibitors from 14 countries offered a wide range of products for aquarium keeping and fishing.

In two exhibition halls and the Foyer East, the public was able to find out about the latest products and trends from leading exhibitors. “Fascination with fish has stayed strong, and once again it was evident that not only the supporting program from industry experts but also the enthusiastic public contributed to the success of the trade fair,” explains Show Director Petra Rathgeber. In more than 100 lectures, workshops and demonstrations, experts shared their knowledge in the Angel Forum in the Foyer East and in the Aquarium-Keeping Forum in Hall B5.


There was a lot to try out in the Foyer East, where casting techniques could be practiced at the fly-fishing pool, including long-distance and targeted casting. The show aquariums at the stand of the State Fisheries Association of Baden-Württemberg allowed visitors to take a deeper look. The aquariums contained several specimens of the Atlantic salmon, which currently carries the title “Fish of the Year.” Participants in the Big Fish competition had managed to land a big catch, and their snapshots could be admired in the Foyer East.


Hall A7 was of interest to fishers and fly fishers: Here, the agenda included a wide range of items needed for fishing. Professional fisher and book author Jörg Strehlow catered to the taste buds of the fish enthusiasts during daily live demonstrations in his show kitchen. He made it clear that there are many more fish species that can be prepared than trout and salmon. In workshops on the subject of fly tying, professionals introduced the delicate art of bait making. Those who wanted to prove their skills against other hobby fly tyers could enter the fly-tying competition of the European Fly Fishing Association (EFFA), submitting handmade dry flies, nymphs and streamers as part of the preparations. Philipp Feist, co-owner of Zanderkant, summed things up: “The visitors showed a great deal of interest and Aqua-Fisch offers a good opportunity to reach customers from southern Germany.”


Hall B5 was firmly in the hands of aquarium keepers and terrarium keepers: Professionals such as the aquascaper Manuel Krauss demonstrated how aquariums can be designed aesthetically and with a great deal of variety. The stand of the Swiss association Betta Helvetia provided information on the breeding and keeping of fighting fish, also offering a site where the small, colorful fish could be auctioned off. Bettina Feiler, Marketing Communications Specialist at Hanna Instruments, was also satisfied with the show: “For our company, aquaristics is only a small market – all the more reason for us to be pleased that the fair is going so well and that we did well with our large stand. Many customers visit us who show great interest and are also eager to make purchases. We didn’t come to Aqua-Fisch for a few years and I can only say in conclusion that this year’s Aqua-Fisch went better than expected and even exceeded our expectations." Lovers of snakes, lizards and the like could get information at the stand of the organization Friends of Reptiles of Upper Swabia, as well as from exhibitors from the terrarium industry.


Events over the last three days were also geared toward youngsters: From the painting competition to the children’s rally and movie theater for kids, the Aqua-Fisch offered a colorful program.


The next Aqua-Fish from March 6 to 8, 2020 will offer everything connected to fish and scales. More information and images can be found at, and #aquafish.

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