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Exhibitor Comments Aqua-Fisch 2019


Aquaristics & Terraristics


Bettina Feiler, Marketing Communications Specialist at Hanna Instruments:

“For our company, aquaristics is only a small market – all the more reason for us to be pleased that the fair went so well and that we did well with our large stand. Many customers visited us who showed great interest and were also eager to make purchases. We didn’t come to Aqua-Fisch for a few years and I can only say in conclusion that this year’s Aqua-Fisch went better than expected and even exceeded our expectations.


Johann Rösch, Key Account Manager Regional JPL:

"The fair went very well and we met many familiar faces, both customers and manufacturers. We had a very knowledgeable, pleasant and also enthusiastic audience at our stand. It was fun to exchange ideas with so many people and colleagues. Aqua-Fisch 2019 was once again a very successful fair, possibly the most successful in Germany, with a really great image.”


Edmund Kupper, Product Manager Hagen:

“We have already come many times and are always happy to have a great audience and interesting conversations. Aqua-Fisch is one of the last great aquarium fairs. It was an all-round success, well organized and a very good fair overall.”


Frank Büttner, VDA Vice President:

“The fair went very well for us as an association. On the one hand, it’s possible here to make many new contacts, and on the other hand, it's also possible to keep up old contacts and in particular to address internal questions from association members. Even before the start of the fair, we received the best level of support via telephone, so the overall package is right and really stands out in comparison to other fairs.”


Kevin Walthert, CO President Betta Helvetia:

“We came for the second time and it’s just a cool event that’s really great for us and our fighting fish. The program of accompanying events was fantastic and we found precisely our target audience. Everyone was able to make many new contacts, have interesting conversations and learn more. The audience was mixed: Some asked very specific questions and you could see that they really knew a lot and others were completely new to this field and let themselves be introduced to the topic. This variety was fun.”


Yves Dewitz, Fauna Marin:

“Aqua-Fisch went relatively well, simply because sales were good. On Friday, we had a very knowledgeable audience who also liked to buy and on Saturday we were visited by people who wanted to watch but also liked to buy. We were here for the first time this year and would definitely like to come back next year with a bigger stand. The fair was successful overall – simply a success.”




Angelika Oberwimmer, Managing Director Hurch Flyfishing Oberwimmer GmbH:

“We are very satisfied with our participation in Aqua-Fisch. At our stand, we had both beginners who were looking for advice and interested visitors from the industry. We were also able to gain new customers. Aqua-Fisch was an important opportunity for us to appeal to the industry public, and the fair itself was very well organized."


Jörg Strehlow, Jörg Strehlow Angeln GmbH:

“Up to 60 spectators were present at the demonstrations in the show kitchen, and on the weekend, there were even more than on Friday. We are very pleased about the positive response. The sales could have been even better, but we only have a small assortment and are satisfied. Aqua-Fisch is very important for us as a regional fair in Southern Germany and was a great experience in a great atmosphere.”


Boris Chadykin, Ockert GmbH:

“Over the past few days, there was a lot going on, especially in the mornings, and we can’t complain about a lack of visitors at the stand. We had a lot of technical discussions. Aqua-Fisch was a good advertising platform for us and is one of the best trade fairs of the season for us. We’ll be happy to come back next year.”


Philipp Feist, co-owner of Zanderkant, summed things up:

“The visitors showed a great deal of interest and Aqua-Fisch offers a good opportunity to reach customers from southern Germany.”


Tom Kemmler, co-owner of AKM:

“The audience at Aqua-Fisch was consistently knowledgeable and interested. We are satisfied with sales. Aqua-Fisch was a pleasant end to our trade fair season. We will come again next year.”


Marin Dominguez Diaz, STURMEX UG:

“Since we offered a very special product at Aqua-Fisch, there was little interest among the visitors. It remains to be seen whether we will participate again next year.”

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