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Some 21,100 visitors and 183 exhibitors at the international fair for fishing, fly fishing and fishkeeping – Eagerness to make purchases and visitors interested in expert advice ensure a good atmosphere

In the mood for fish: Aqua-Fisch provides information and shopping fun

11.03.2018  | Final Report

Friedrichshafen, Germany – About 21,100 fans of finned creatures (2017: 21,430) attended the Aqua-Fisch in Friedrichshafen this weekend. A total of a 183 exhibitors from 14 countries presented a comprehensive market overview of the topics of fishing, fly fishing and hobby fishkeeping, and high-quality forums and a versatile hands-on program provided for all kinds of fun with fins. “The Aqua-Fisch, as southern Germany’s most important event relating to underwater dwellers, has again experienced good international visitation and fulfilled the expectations of all participants,” says fair CEO Klaus Wellmann, summing up.

From fishing rods and accessories to clothing, travel, boats, corals and jellyfish through to the fish and plant exchange – friends of fish got their money’s worth at the exhibition grounds in Friedrichshafen. “The combination of fishing fair and aquarium event, flanked by a large children’s and hands-on program, once again convinced numerous visitors this year and invited them to shop,” reports Project Manager Petra Rathgeber. “The specialist forums were particularly popular, with lectures by numerous professionals from the scene.” Foyer East was under the banner of testing and trying things out, with the fly fishing pool allowing visitors to practice casting and improve their accuracy.

The exhibitors in Hall A7 offered a wide range of rod and reel products: “The Aqua-Fisch was worthwhile for us in every respect. Our stand was already quite busy on Friday, and it got even better on the weekend. We sold a lot and made many new contacts, so we would very much like to be back next year,” says Matthias Kreutz, Managing Director of Angelzentrum Freiburg, summing up. Christopher Gräf, Managing Director of Bootssport Gräf, adds: “We are satisfied with our first participation in the Aqua-Fisch. The demand for our boats was great; we sold one directly at the fair and wrote several quotations. There were also inquiries in regard to our larger boats. Accordingly, we are looking forward to our post-fair follow-up business. We also see it as promising that there were so many Swiss visitors, who are even more willing to make a purchase. The fair was a success for us and we will be there again next year.”Fishing trips to destinations such as Alaska, Ireland and Canada are quite popular now, and those who are looking to combine their vacation with their hobby found numerous offers at the fair.

Underwater worlds and and their inhabitants had their place in Hall B5. From fish and jellyfish to shrimp and crabs through to aquascaping, everything relating to aquariums was presented there. “Our expectations for this year’s Aqua-Fisch were more than fulfilled. We had a presence in the hall with the largest floor space, were very well received by customers and experienced good sales volume. The Swiss visitors were especially eager to make purchases. Overall, we are all more than satisfied. The Aqua-Fisch is one of the best fairs in the area of fishkeeping,” explains Jürgen Kleinmann, Head of Trade Fair Management, Kölle Zoo.

Everything related to animals with fins and scales will be on display at the next Aqua-Fisch from March 8 to 10, 2019. Further information and images at:

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