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The 29th international trade fair for fishing, fly-fishing and aquarium-keeping to take place in 2020 and provide a platform for information, sales and events – More area to be devoted to fishing boats

Aqua-Fisch is ready to swarm

16.01.2020  | Overview

Friedrichshafen, Germany—From March 6 to 8, 2020, Friedrichshafen will once again become the center of the world for fishers, fly-fishers, and aquarium-keepers as the Aqua-Fisch marks the start of the new season. It will be the 29th time that fans of fish and reptiles congregate for this event. With around 160 exhibitors registered from eleven different countries, Aqua-Fisch offers a broad variety of products as well as a platform for exchange between experts and anyone who can't get enough of fishing, aquariums or terrariums. Presentations and demonstrations will top off the program along with opportunities to get involved. Fly-tying hobbyists are invited to prove their skill at the 2020 EFFA Open, the ninth European fly tying competition of the European Fly Fishing Association (EFFA).

From colorful butterfly fish and the unique artwork of children to expert forums, the Aqua-Fisch promises nothing if not variety in its program. “This will be the 29th time already that the largest trade fair for fish and fishing in southern Germany proves its quality, providing the perfect meeting point for fishers, aquarium-keepers and fly-fishers,” observed Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann. Project lead Petra Rathgeber added, “The area for fishing boats will be larger this year.” The tryout pool in Hall A7 will give exhibitors the chance to demonstrate the features of small fishing boats and bait. The program of presentations will deliver information on topics including choosing the right bait, fishing travel tips, and echo sounders. Visitors will be able to buy the latest equipment, accessories and products from the leading exhibiting brands. In Hall A7, fishers and fly-fishers will find all the equipment, accessories, clothing, boats, smokers and tour operators they could wish for.


Hall B5, on the other hand, will become a mecca for friends of aquarium- and terrarium-keeping, with all manner of finned and scaled animals on display in addition to all the different feed, lighting, and plants required. The East Foyer will be the place to get hands-on in various activity areas.


Tips and tricks from the pros: The presentation forum

Visitors to the fishing forum in the East Foyer will get a chance to learn directly from the best, with speakers such as predatory fish hunter Dietmar Isaiasch presenting on topics such as "The power of soft bait: Rubber etc. for zander, pike and perch". Fishing expert Torsten Ahrens will present the right bait and devices to use for fishing in Norway. Technology enthusiasts definitely shouldn't miss the presentation of echo sounding technician Rico Streul, which will cover the basics of echo sounding, the technology of the Garmin Panoptix, and other uses for echo sounders. Expert Hans Spinnler and instructors from the EFFA will give demonstrations of various casting techniques at the fly fishing pool in Hall A7. Other EFFA representatives will introduce audiences to the art of fly tying, giving multiple demonstrations each day on tricks and special techniques.  Markus Kunter will also be giving workshops on the subject; anyone interested in participating must register at


Casting demonstrations in the East Foyer

The East Foyer will provide numerous opportunities to get involved, with daily demonstrations of casting technique by members of the EFFA and of the youth association of the southern Württemberg-Hohenzollern region. Interested visitors will also have a chance to try out what they've learned. The show pool of the LFV (the fishing association of the state of Baden-Württemberg) will give visitors the opportunity to get to know the state fish of the year, the nase.  This species was chosen in order to increase awareness of its endangered status in the region. Also in the East Foyer, the winning entries of the photography competition "Catch your fish(ing) moment" will be on display. Any fishing or aquarium enthusiast who was able to capture a special moment on film during the past year is invited to submit their picture to


A paradise of fish and reptiles

Fish shoals and reptiles of all kinds and sizes will be the focus in Hall B5. In addition, everything needed to house them, from plants to filters and lighting, will be on offer. Anyone on the hunt for just the right fish for their aquarium will certainly find what they're looking for among the exhibitors or at the market of the aquarium-keeping association Multicolor. An auction organized by the Swiss fighting fish association Betta Helvetia is their chance to catch one of these small, colorful sweetwater fish to have for their own. Other organizations in attendance will include the association of German aquariums, the "German friends of guppies", and aquarium clubs from the region. The aquarium-keeping forum will be cooperating with the Dähne Verlag publishing house to provide information on species-appropriate fishkeeping practices. A new development this year is the special exhibition on shrimp in Hall B5, where about 20 aquariums will showcase specimens large and small from selected breeders. On Saturday, March 7, a special program of presentations will take place.


Aquascaping experts such as Manuel Krauss concern themselves with creating aesthetic underwater landscapes in aquariums. He'll be showing how to recreate well-known scenes from movies, and in daily live shows he'll create aquariums that will be sold afterward. Multiple world champion aquascaper Volker Jochum will dispense advice on arranging and explain the important principles. Friends of reptiles can look forward to the special terrarium exhibition, where the entire range of lizards, and snakes will be on display in addition to spiders and invertebrates.


Activities for children

Young visitors will be able to participate in a race across the exhibition grounds incorporating all manner of questions about fish. The small pool in the East Foyer will provide an opportunity for them to cast their own fishing lines and try to catch synthetic fish. In the children's cinema, all kinds of fish will be swimming across the screens. The casting demonstration of the youth association of the southern Württemberg-Hohenzollern region will give children and adolescents a chance to test their skill at casting bait as far and as accurately as possible.  An art contest for children invites them to draw and craft any manner of artwork devoted to fish, fishing and aquariums before the exhibition. All of the submitted artwork will be displayed at an exhibition. Visitors can give their evaluations, with prizes to be awarded for the most highly rated pieces.


Opening hours and admission fees

The Aqua-Fisch 2020 will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, March 6, and Saturday, March 7, and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, March 8. Day tickets can be purchased for eleven euros online or for fifteen euros at the entrance, with a reduced price of ten euros. Family tickets cost 26 euros online. For further information on the program, please visit, or #aquafisch.


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